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Why Trayvon Martin’s Murder Won’t Change Anything


By Kulture Kritic

Politicians of all stripes are a pretty cunning bunch, and whenever there’s a push by the electorate to change something that politicians don’t want changed, elected officials stall. By far the easiest way to stall the public is to either appoint a task force or a committee to look into an issue, and recommend a course of action.

What usually happens is that the public forgets and the committee or task force is disbanded without having accomplished much of anything. This is exactly the process we’re seeing unfold in Florida with the so-called ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

After Trayvon Martin was murdered by self-appointed night watch captain George Zimmerman, Gov. Rick Scott created a Stand Your Ground Task Force to review the law. But according to the Associated Press, the task force has quietly decided not to change the law.

“The task force concurs with the core belief that all persons, regardless of citizenship status, have a right to feel safe and secure in our state,” the task force wrote in its recommendation. “To that end, all persons have a fundamental right to stand their ground and defend themselves from attack with proportionate force in every place they have a lawful right to be and are conducting themselves in a lawful manner.”


Actually, the task force made a couple of changes that might make it easier to claim a ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense.

 And it is certainly no mistake that the task force announced its decision within a week of the presidential election, when most outlets are focused on the fiscal cliff and shake-ups in President Obama’s cabinet.

Trayvon Martin’s death could have been the catalyst for correcting wrongheaded gun laws. Sadly, that won’t happen now.

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