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Seattle Center Points of Discovery - A Self-Guided Tour
Brochure available in Center House at the Information Desk


Once a Native American gathering place and pioneer prairie, and more recently home to the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, Seattle Center today thrives as an active, urban park offering areas for play, picnics, festivals, outdoor concerts and movies. 

The 74-acre campus boasts 40 acres of open space. More than 30 resident organizations at Seattle Center present a diverse assortment of arts, cultural, family and sports activities. They make their homes at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, the Playhouse, Bagley Wright and Charlotte Martin theatres, in Center House, KeyArena and many of the other structures you’ll find along the way. As you take the campus tour, observe all of the moving and static parts that shape the spaces and spirit of Seattle Center. Listen for the music pouring out of International Fountain, an excellent place for summer splashing, or join in a weekend cultural festival at Fisher Pavilion or Center House. Outstanding free and affordable public programming creatively presented by Seattle Center Productions continues the whole year-round. We hope you’ll enjoy the gardens, art pieces, water features and green space that mark your path through Seattle Center. 

The self-guided tour includes more than 25 points of interest. You will discover some of the unique features and fascinating facts that make Seattle Center a civic treasure. Tour brochures are available at the Customer Service desk in Center House or 
click here to download a PDF version. Explore this active urban park, and discover what draws you in. 





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