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Scolding Oprah or Comforting Gayle?

By Michelle Boasten


A coin has two sides, but it takes a head and a tail to give the coin value.  The head of the coin was apparently "chiding" Oprah Winfrey. 


I was just one of 5,000 people who gathered in the LA Convention Center attending an O Magazine conference.  When Oprah shared about finding a lump in her breast, Gayle King  was visibly and verbally upset.  On display before 5,000 attendees was simply two women who are well known celebrity BFF's having a moment.  What we all witnessed was the unfolding of what could have been a simple sharing moment about finding the lump, but it was more than that. 


As Oprah started to share, she acknowledged that she had not told Gayle.  She knew this news was going to cause Gayle pain, so she withheld telling Gayle about the lump.  She was right, Gayle was in pain about it, but for two reasons.  The first reason was because of the lump itself.  Gayle loves Oprah and finding out about something so important with the rest of us appeared to have cause Gayle visible and verbal distress. The second thing was finding out with 5,000 non BFF's.


The tail of the coin was me simply trying to take a moment to acknowledge Gayle's hurt.  Oprah had already shared that she was fine, it was a false alarm, but Gayle was practically in tears.  I simply wanted to take time out to acknowledge Gayle's pain, not reprimand, scold or order Oprah to apologize.  Gayle and Oprah's friendship is much stronger than that.  No false cancer event or not telling her would cause lasting harm or damage to the tight bond.  The acknowledgement was simply that.  If Gayle had fallen on stage and injured herself, someone would respond.  I was responding to her hurt, but I suppose at the same time I was also acknowledging the one who caused Gayle to slip.  That someone was Oprah. 


When I discovered that the media called the head of the coin and didn't acknowledge the tail, I recoiled with a bit of stinging backlash. Who wants to scold Oprah?  Certainly not me.  I paid to attend that conference.  It is because of my respect for Oprah that I was even there.  Interpreting my call to validate and acknowledge Gayle's moment as the head without knowing the tail is an invalid coin.  Would you accept a coin with just the head and no tail?  It wasn't intended to be a chide, it was intended to be a moment to bring some comfort to Gayle.


From the one who "chided" Oprah...


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