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Poll: 3/4 of African Americans Believe BET Award Sponsors Should be Boycotted


Your Black World reports.

In a recent Your Black World survey, nearly three out of every four (74.4%) African American respondents believe that the corporate sponsors for the BET Awards should be boycotted. The survey asked a series of questions to measure the African American reaction to the most recent BET Awards show, which featured artists that regularly endorse violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, and other activities that activists have deemed to be a celebration of the dismal state of the black community.

The survey asked the following question: “Some have cited the corporate sponsors of the BET Awards as a primary culprit in the promotion of negative hip hop. Should these corporate sponsors be held accountable via boycotts?” The majority of black respondents said that BET’s primary corporate sponsors, which include Dominos Pizza, Subway, Starbucks , Coca Cola, Macys, Sprint, and Ford, among others, should be boycotted.

A total of 84.6% of all respondents say that BET is sending the wrong message by giving so many award nominations to artists like Lil Wayne, who has admitted to a willingness to kill newborn babies, shoot old women, carry weapons, etc. Some argue that the music goes far beyond simple entertainment, since millions of inner city youth emulate the behavior being featured in hip-hop lyrics. An artist earns respect from his audience by “keeping it real,” meaning that he must attest to a lifestyle which is authentic to the lyrics that he recites in his songs. Lil Wayne, who just finished a prison sentence earlier this year, is an example.


The majority of African American respondents to the survey also believe that negative hip-hop music plays a role in perpetuating many of the most serious problems in the African American community. When asked, “Do you believe that negative messages from hip-hop music are playing a role in the high rates of HIV, homicide, or poor educational achievement among African American youth?” 85% of the respondents said “yes.” Additionally, 90% of the respondents said that they believe that hip-hop music heard on the radio has gotten to the point of being destructive to the African American community.


Source: yourblackworld.com


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