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Message from the Mayor


Today, President Trump was sworn into office, and our work to advance and preserve inclusive policies and civil rights for all begins. This new administration does not share Seattle’s values and has employed divisive tactics to stoke fear and uncertainty in many Americans, particularly immigrant and refugee communities. We will not stand idly by as our neighbors, friends ...and family face policies that undermine their safety, security and freedom.
Seattle will maintain its commitment to being a welcoming city and continue to protect all our residents, even if it means losing federal funding. We created an Inclusive and Equitable City Cabinet to respond to new initiatives that threaten residents of Seattle and our values. We stand behind all our residents and will continue to make services and programs available to all who need them, regardless of immigration status.
Our city is stronger because of its diversity and our residents’ commitment to inclusion and equality. I thank all of you for your continued work and advocacy in making Seattle a safe, welcoming city for all.

Mayor Edward B. Murray
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