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Cracking down on illegal guns
Mayor McGinn joined local and federal law enforcement officials Monday to announce an effort to prosecute more gun-related offenses at the federal level. The stiffer penalties under federal law are intended to help us reduce gun violence. Officials also reminded gun owners that a common method for illegally obtaining guns is through burglary of homes or vehicles.   




This is one of several steps we're taking in an attempt to slow down the tragic gun violence emergency we're seeing in Seattle and across the country. Mayor McGinn discussed these efforts on KINGKUOW and at Town Hall Monday.

Combating underage sex trafficking
The United States Conference of Mayors met last week in Orlando, where Mayor McGinn joined mayors from across the country to vote on resolutions covering a variety of issues.

Mayor McGinn introduced a resolution calling on Backpage.com to stop advertising children for sex. The resolution was co-sponsored by New York Mayor Bloomberg and Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa among many others from across the state and the country. The resolution was approved by the US Conference of Mayors.

Other important resolutions passed at the conference and sponsored by Mayor McGinn include:


Correcting Seattle Times misconceptions regarding the proposed arena
City Budget Director Beth Goldberg felt inclined to correct some misconceptions about Chris Hansen's proposed arena, following some statements made by members of the Seattle Times Editorial Board. 

This proposal will not take funding away from any existing service the City provides. The sources of revenue that guarantee that the costs of the bonds are covered by arena-generated revenues and the investor are:

  • A guaranteed based rent paid to the City and the County by the investor
  • New incremental tax revenue generated by the arena project that would not be available to either the City or the County were it not for the arena being built
  • If the revenues from the two previous sources are not enough to cover the cost of repaying the bonds, the investor is obligated to pay an additional rent payment to make up the difference

For more, see Beth Goldberg's blog post here.


Doing the Lindy Hop: How neighbors and the City came together to build a better Linden Avenue
Community members have long rallied to improve Linden Avenue North between North 128th and North 145th streets into a more pedestrian, bicycle and neighborhood friendly boulevard, partnering with the City to make it a priority. Thanks to work by the Seattle Department of Transportation, we’re making good on the promise to turn Linden Avenue North into a “Complete Street” to better serve the neighborhood. 

Read the mayor's blog post for more details.

Upcoming Events (for more see http://seattle.gov/mayor/Engage/access.htm):

June 19, 5:00 p.m. - Neighborhood Town Hall with Mayor McGinn, Northwest African American Museum (2300 S Massachusetts St)

June 21, 10:00 a.m. - Senior Coffee Hour about the Seawall Project, Central Building (810 3rd Ave)

June 23, 11:00 a.m. - Neighborhood Town Hall with Mayor McGinn, Magnolia Community Center (2550 34th Ave W)

June 24, 11:00 a.m. - Seattle Pride Parade, starts at 4th & Union

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Source: From the office of Mayor McGinn


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